hello world
by qubibi

This is visual art software. Enjoy the ever-changing creation.

Visual art ‘hello world’ has its program that generates all of its animation pictures in real time. It creates 21 images per second, showing scenes you may never see again, and continues producing forever. The theme of this work is boundaries, which lie in life and death, gender, feelings, materials and so forth. Inside each of those various components in the world, elements cross the boundaries to replace, corrode and combine with each other over the course of time. As it transforms itself sometimes like a living creature and like a machine at other times, we just watch and follow the transfiguration.

if describe this work in words...

You are born. You feed on, or excrete, others. (Where do you end? What's between you and others?) You bond, discharge, and fertilize with others. You deteriorate, eventually, or suddenly. You die. This is your life, for the most part.


「hello world」は、プログラミングによって、全てのアニメーションをリアルタイムに生成していく映像作品です。1秒間に21枚の二度と無いイメージを作りだし、それを永久的に連ねていきます。テーマは境界。生死、性別、感情、物体、様々な要素は境界とされる部分を中心に継続する時間の中で、入れ替わり、または侵食し、または溶け合います。まるで生き物のように、時には機械のように変容していくその様子を、私たちは只々、見守るだけなのです。



System Requirements


Windows XP/Vista/7, MAC OSX 10.5 or higher


Win: Intel Pentium 4, Centrino, Xeon, or Core Duo (or compatible) processor
Mac: Intel Core Duo processor


2GB or Higher


8MB of Available Hard-disk Space


  • Free to Try
  • $15.00 to Get License
Download – Mac Version 1.5.0 Download – PC Version 1.5.1
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