by Andreas Müller

Hana is a dream about flowers for computers.

The idea is that no aspect of creating the flowers is hidden from the computers, everything is created in code and no bitmaps are used that the computer has not seen to the creation of itself, letting the computer "think" through every step.

The only concession to the concept I've consciously made in this version is a bitmap with the text "Hana, by Andreas Müller", a string of which is also included in the code (and outputted to the console so as to not be optimized away by the compiler).

System Requirements


Windows XP/Vista, Mac OS X 10.4 or higher


Win: Intel Pentium 4, Centrino, Xeon, or Core Duo (or compatible) processor
Mac: Intel Core Duo processor


1GB or Higher


403KB of Available Hard-disk Space


Intel GM3100, Radeon 9600, GeForce 6800 or higher, OpenGL


Product List

Andreas Müller

Rich Media Director at Hi-ReS! for a number of years before founding Nanika together with Hi-ReS! founder Florian Schmitt.

Apart from his contributions to various award winning projects while at Hi-ReS!, in 2005 he was awarded the Tokyo Type Directors Club Grand Prix for his piece “For All Seasons”, the first and so far only interactive piece to receive the Grand Prix. In 2007 “Wind” and “SwimmingMessageSystem” were selected by Wired magazine to go on display at the yearly Wired NextFest festival.